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Alicelovers Magazine provides information, entertainment, unique perspectives, and challenging content regarding issues relevant to the child-love community and concerned members of society. The magazine is written by members of Visions of Alice and other individuals with intelligent views on a subject that stirs varying emotions in order to provide different thoughts and beliefs. In this issue you will find thought-provoking feature articles, observations by our staff, and original works of fiction and art.

In this issue. . .

    • Featured Articles:
      • A Modest Proposal – by Tom O’Carroll
      • Author of Pedophilia: The Radical Case and
      • Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons
      • Ageless Art – by Markaba 2.0
      • LGBT & CL – by Dissident
    • Articles & Opinions:
      • Taboo Touch – by Rewdius
      • Breaking the Stereotype – by Lw1264
      • Child love & Us-versus-Them-Think – by Revolution
      • A view inside the toybox – by carl-D
      • Unlocking Joy: Being a Child’s Best Friend – by Revolution
      • Origin of Pedophilia-Taboo in the Lower Pliocene and the Separation – by Eligarf
      • Alice Giggles – by our members & staff
      • Dork’s Garlic Bread – by Dork1
    • Deutsch Abteilung – For Alice’s European Admirers:
    • Poetry & Short Stories:
      • Dance – by birdman
      • You – by birdman
      • A Bit O’ Mischief – by Gail Tobin
      • Baby Grand – by Markaba 2.0
      • Rowing Through Life – by birdman
      • Suffer the Broken Heart – by Rewdius
      • Too Young for Love – by Oliver Wendell Holmes
      • Out There – by Revolution
      • What is Girl? – by Katherine Nelson Davis
      • A Big Job – by Samuel P. Clark
      • Plastic Snake – by Mark Aster
      • Touch – by Randall M. Cone
      • Dreaming of You – by Albert O.

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